Work Life Balance

I am in india for the next few weeks and I am spending this weekend in Bangalore to meet my friends here.

On Friday we decided to spend the night at one of the friend’s place.

We are seven of us, and while we were chilling and catching up, two or three folks would just take a spare room for 30-90 mins to take a call, or an interview, or finish up reading or researching or preparing and then come back and join us.

The more interesting part is, these folks are directors or entrepreneurs and they are not taking these “work-breaks” because they are forced to. They work because they want to, and people around them find it normal and in fact facilitate an environment to get their work done.

This kind of behavior is borderline unacceptable in many other social circles. And when such things do happen, I see the conversations steer around ‘aren’t you off hours?’ or ‘you are being over worked, when are you planning to switch jobs?’. But not here. Some may argue that my friends don’t have work life balance, but they most definitely have the best work life balance of all!

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