Trust Issues!

I have started to turn to ChatGPT more often than Google for my programming questions in recent months. Even though it lets me get things done a lot faster, the limit of Sept 2021 is bothering me a lot more than it used to.

If I am looking for a programming library to do a specific job, I am not sure if the answers given by ChatGPT are the best choices. I have to turn to Google to verify if the claims made by ChatGTP are valid and if there are no other better options for my situation.

So, In a way, the world has become a little more complicated because you have to decide now whether you can rely on the answers from ChatGPT or if you want to investigate further. So, a solution that brings both i.e. Web Search and Generative AI closer would be ideal.

I was resisting using Bing AI because it requires me to install Edge Browser on my Mac, but I now have to give it a shot. For productivity’s sake!

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