Paying for Generative AI Tools

I had a fascinating conversation today.

A few months ago, someone told me that Generative AI is the most significant invention since the dawn of the internet. I have been highly skeptical about this outlook for a while.

However, today, when seeking advice from a talented content writer friend regarding a piece of content I was working on, I mentioned that I had already dedicated almost a day to it. She suggested trying Notion AI, which could save me a lot of time. So I gave it a try, and it was amazing! This led to the following conversation:

I am already paying for three different Generative AI tools, each serving a different purpose. Every time I use my credit card, I feel like the money was well spent. However, I keep coming across new products that blow my mind and do an even better job. One observation I made is that, apart from ChatGPT, all the other tools excel at one specific thing, surpassing ChatGPT in that particular area.

It’s interesting to think that when the internet first came out, people were not paying subscription fees like this! So, I have no doubt that Generative AI will revolutionize technology in the next several years and drive innovation in Silicon Valley.

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