Grammarly Go vs. Notion AI

I am very impressed with Notion AI, but I already have a Grammarly subscription. So, should I stick with Grammarly or move to Notion AI?

I love the ease of use of Grammarly’s plugin, allowing me to use it everywhere I write. I have been paying for their subscription since 2016. Sometimes, I pull my hair because it keeps switching between two recommendations with slight variations or redlining a word I want to use. But that is not a big deal.

I like Notion’s very clean, distracting-free, and intuitive UI. Notion is free, but I will have to pay for the AI capabilities – $10/mo. And I do almost all my writing here except for writing emails, blogs, etc. And Grammarly’s plugin works inside Notion.

I can’t stop using Grammarly because it is so versatile, and I can use it anywhere. I also love that it shows issues with my writing as I write instead of clicking “generate” every time I am done writing something. Integrates into my day-to-day writing workflow seamlessly.

So, if Grammarly Go is as good as Notion AI, you don’t need Notion AI. You have a one-size-fits-all solution for content writing with Grammarly Go.

So, should I pay for Notion AI? Maybe.

Let’s do some more digging. Are they both made the same? Probably not. Here is a list of features both the AI tools expose.

Notion AI Features

Grammarly Go Features

At a very high level, they both seem very similar but also very different. I want to try them out in the next few months and see what works best.

But I will be rooting for Grammarly Go because it works everywhere.

Stay tuned!

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